There is a reason that I am blogging about this. This real and up close and personal. I will at the end tell you why I am helping others: Social Engineering Attacks: Common Techniques & How to Prevent an Attack. Here is a link to learn about Social Engineering Attacks. Here is another good link… Read More

Contact your state’s unemployment office if you are affected by this scam. We’ve received reports from people who’ve received unemployment benefit confirmation letters or prepaid cards that were applied for illegally. Because unemployment claims are handled by state agencies, it’s important that you contact your state’s unemployment office directly. Do not give personal information to anyone… Read More

Be Aware of a Rise in Fraud for Unemployment Benefits. What to watch for and how to protect yourself from identity theft. What to Know Unfortunately, unemployment fraud has become more prevalent since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In these latest scams, fraudsters use phishing emails and other social engineering tricks to gain personal… Read More

Idaho Department of Labor – Employer Update Labor Department Partners with for Claimant Identity Verification The Idaho Department of Labor has partnered with for unemployment insurance claimant identity verification. This new process was implemented to help prevent fictitious UI claims from being filed using the stolen identities. “We realize it’s an extra step… Read More