There is a reason that I am blogging about this. This real and up close and personal. I will at the end tell you why I am helping others:

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What are the different types of phishing?

  • Spear phishing.
  • Whaling.
  • Vishing.
  • Email phishing.

My story.  I received in the mail a letter from the Idaho Dept of Labor, that I applied for unemployment. Well I did not. I am still investigating but this is what I do know thus far. I own a business, I promote through social media. On some of my profiles I had the following information: 1) My name 2) Where I work 3) My date of birth 4) and an assumed address.  Now, whomever did this, did not get far with this scam. Notices come to me as the person applying and as the owner of my business. I am waiting for the IDOL Fraud Unit to call me so that I can get more information. There are no other signs that I have been comprised in other areas. I have removed my date of birth from all public sources. So, as of right now it appears that I was targeted but they were unsuccessful. My data and client data is heavily secure. I want others to know that an attempt was made and I was lucky. I want others to be aware and learn how to protect yourself. I am sanctioned by the IRS to protect and ensure that my clients are protected. My personal level of ethicalness is not limited to my values professionally but also to everyone.