Income Tax Services

Income Tax Preparation Services: We can work traditionally in person or fully online with anyone, anywhere in the United States. Strict identification procedures are mandatory. All, of our 1040 returns include FREE Audit and Identity Theft Protection. We include this coverage to give our clients peace of mind. We prepare Individual and Business Income Tax Return. We are an IRS Authorized E-file Provider.

IS MONEY TIGHT RIGHT NOW?  We may have a program for you!

  • “Refund Transfer” You can have your personal taxes prepared, e-filed and your tax preparation fees deducted from your refund*. There is no up-front or out of pocket of expense. This service is optional.
  • “Refund Advance” is an advance on part of your refund which includes all the features of the “Refund Transfer”. “Refund Advance” amounts range up to $1000 (subject to approval). This is not a loan (no interest) *.  This service is optional.
  • “Refund Advance Loan” program.  This program is a loan and subject to interest, and loan approval. Loan amounts can range up to $ 6000.00. This program also includes all the features of the “Refund Transfer”. *

Refund advances and Refund Advance Loans – funds are available to you, after your tax return is e-filed, accepted by the Internal Revenue Service and received advance/loan approval (Often same day). You have the funding options of 1) receive a paper check from our office 2) direct deposit into a bank account or card 3) loaded to our “Instant Issue Reloadable, Prepaid Mastercards”.

Free Consultations – Appointments/Availability can be scheduled online through our website. You can choose video conference, in-person or by phone appointments. We also make special appointment times outside of our normal business hours, please contact us. During this consultation, we will access your tax situation, needs, questions and required information needed. Depending on your situation and/or needs, we may issue you a secure “Client Portal.”

Data Collection –You will collect the information we need to prepare your return. Please do not email sensitive information without password encryption. Please use our secure client portals.

Return Preparation –We prepare your return. If you owe taxes, we will go over the best payment options for you. If you are receiving a refund, you have the option of direct deposit into a United States bank or card account or request us to issue you our free “Instant Issue Reloadable, Prepaid Mastercardsto receive your refund. You may also request for the IRS to mail you a paper check (not recommended).

Review and Sign Return –When your return is completed, we will have you review it for accuracy. Then you will sign the return electronically or in-person. We will e-file your return, and let you know when it has been accepted and give you a copy of your return for your records.